Being A Responsible Citizen

DSC_0089The team from the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum visited 2 communities in the western part of Viti Levu to hold educational sessions that surrounded the topic – Being a Responsible Citizen.

Residents of Navutu and Lovu HART,Lautoka, participated in the interactive sessions that included discussions of how we as individuals can become good citizens; Citizenship and the Constitution; and the responsibilities of a Citizen.

At the end of each session, the participants used paint and material to portray their thoughts surrounding the topic of discussion.

DSC_0182Also present at the community outreach in Navutu was the Chief Executive Officer of the CCF, Mr Sara Bulutani, who observed the participation of the residents of this settlement that is located on the outskirts of Lautoka City.

He said that there is a lack of knowledge surrounding the 2013 Constitution and Human Rights.

“We chose 2 settlements in Lautoka to commemorate Fiji Day and to also raise awareness on active Citizenship”, he said.

Mr Bulutani said, Active Citizenship is an education module of the CCF when the NGO reached out to the communities.

DSC_0130He added there is a lack of knowledge pertaining to this topic and that there needs to be more done in terms of educating the general public.

Meanwhile, the CCF team also visited Lovu HART where the participants were mainly made-up of women.

Litiana Momoyalewa said she appreciated what she learnt during the education session that was conducted by the CCF team, especially the session that included responsibilities of a Citizen.

“A key aspect that comes with being a responsible citizen is having respect for the elderly. We will all grow of old age and we need to treat our elders the same way you’d like to be treated when you get to their age”, said the 60 year old from Lovu.

Fijians celebrated Fiji Day earlier this week as the country marked the day when Fiji was ceded to the United Kingdom in 1874 and on the same day regained its independence in 1970.

Traditionally, celebrations would include religious and cultural ceremonies, which unite the nation and praise its diversity. This year the official Fiji Day celebrations was held in Labasa with the theme – Progress Together, Leaving No Fijian Behind.

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