The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum commends the appointment of the new Human Rights Commissioners to support the work of the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission in advancing the respect and protection of human rights in Fiji.

While the appointment of the Commissioners was said to be in accordance to Section 45 (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji,CCF welcomes the selection of the four individuals given their professional background and with high hopes  they will deliver  to the work required as Human Rights Commissioners.

Their work is crucial to Fiji citizens, Civil Society Organisations, and government in as far as human rights is genuinely protected in Fiji. In addition, this appointment will augur well in theFHRADC’s quest to meet the Paris Principles requirement for all National Human Rights institutions.

The CCF encourages the newly appointed commissioners to work closely with human rights organizations and as well the NGO Coalition on Human Rights.

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